About Maths

The brains of students are being sharpened in order to understand the complexities of mathematics. The subject is prime vehicle for developing student’s logical thinking and higher order cognitive skills.

The basic issues faced by students while studying mathematics are:

  • Inability to recall basic math’s facts, procedures, rules, or formulae.
  • Incomplete mastery of number facts.
  • Inability to remember mathematical expressions.
  • Computational weakness.
  • Maintaining precision.
  • Difficulty sequencing multiple steps.
  • Logical implementation of topics.

In solving these difficulties, we focus on:

  • Helping them handle pressure.
  • Making them understand basic mathematics facts, procedures, rules and formulae.
  • Memorizing the number system.
  • Increasing their ability to remember mathematical expressions.
  • Enhancing their computational abilities.
  • Efficiently improving their ability to sequence multiple steps.

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