Freqently Asked questions

general questions

With the approach to make the child learn from the basics, we help the student adhere to the basics while giving lectures in the class as well as online so that everything that student learns goes well in his/her brain. We are also creating a community online, where student is connected to the teacher even after classroom session. We have crafted videos that will guide the students from one step to other, making it very easy to learn.

Students can get enrolled in Digital Paathshala throughout the year. We don’t have any particular period of time to offer admission to the students.

We offer students to learn through advanced methodology like classroom lectures, digital lectures, online teaching, online assessment papers and much more.

Every child is different in abilities and requires different levels of attention. At Digital Paathshala before enrolling your child, we will take a short assessment test to get a clear idea of how much focus your child needs. First we provide a one-on-one interaction with the child and his/her parents, and then our experts will guide your student accordingly. Apart from the schooling, every child needs a good learning experience which we provided only at Digital Paathshala.

Our lessons are produced in light of the school syllabus. Hereafter, you don't need to be stressed over how your child will cover the syllabus. However, Digital Paathshala has its own content that will help to get the overall growth in the field of learning.

Our tutors will convey the lessons in a reasonable and intelligent presentation. Students will be offered practices to do amid class to survey their levels of comprehension and application. Input will be accumulated from students and correspondence will be made with guardians to guarantee that viable learning has occurred. On Digital Paathshala website we have created a parent portal, where they can see the performance of their child. Moreover, parents are always welcome to get a feedback of their children anytime from the tutors.