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    May 2018

    Ways to Build Critical Thinking Skills in Students

    It is quite important to teach analytical skills to the students for a good life. But all we have to do is looking for the interesting ways to teach them in the classroom. But before all this, we need to know what are...

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  • 01

    May 2018

    Ways to Add Non-Cognitive Skills in Your Abilities’ Bucket

    The list of attitudes, strategies and the behaviours supporting the workplace, for instance, perseverance, self-control and motivation are the non-cognitive skills. The advent of smartphones and the related application...

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  • 19

    Jan 2018

    Classroom Education Using Digital Tools

    The education sector has seen many changes in past few decades and the most prominent and obvious of these have been brought in by the electronic media. While many attribute these changes to the advent of technology, i...

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  • 16

    Dec 2017

    Reformed Education Making Learning Rousing

    There exists no doubt in saying that education falls among the basic needs of every person. With an all-pervading demand of food, shelter and clothing, education has also confronted an ever increasing demand from times...

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    Mar 2017

    Modern India’s Paathshala

    In the modern era of Netflix and chill! The kids are more focused on the digital parameters as compared to the good old textbooks.  The kids of all ages are more into studying but that too in the digital way. Digital Paathshala keeps all its...

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