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The Significant Elements of Personalized Learning

The personalized learning is a very systematic approach, and the teachers have to pay close attention to all the features which are essential to creating a fruitful learning experience for the students. Here is the list of different design elements which are required to inculcate while creating the personalized learning system.

  • The learning environment
    The environment where the student will study is a first and highly critical element of this approach. The environment should be open, and it should give the students a chance and confidence to grow. It should be open and encouraging so that they can ask as many questions when they get a doubt. Moreover, the teachers must welcome a different point of views if the students try to solve a particular problem unusually and innovatively.
  • Supporting the needs of the students
    The personalized teaching approach works on the assumption that every student is different and therefore the requirements and style of learning also vary significantly. Thus in this technique, the teachers pay attention to varying needs of all the students so that everyone can learn and grow. For example, some students like to read for studying whereas some learn faster with the help of diagrams or videos. Some students grasp the concepts better when they study in the morning time, but some students like to study at night when everybody is sleeping. Hence it is highly important to know about the learning styles and criteria which help the students learn better.

Students learn at their own pace

Some students are fast learners, and they understand the topics in one go but some students take some time to grasp the main crux of the topics, and they have to read it much time for learning it permanently. The personalized learning gives every child the opportunity to learn at his/her own pace. The teachers accept this fact and differentiation in learning and provide the students with the environment which let them learn without judging them.

  • The quality of teaching
    The quality of education is the primary factor which determines whether the students have grasped the concepts the way they should or not. The schools train their teachers to provide personalized teaching by giving proper attention to every student. The high quality of education makes all the difference in the learning outcome of the students, and they can retain the concepts for a more extended period. The teachers should explain the concepts with proper examples and illustrations for better retention.
  • Goal setting for the students
    The teachers set achievable goals for all the students and let them achieve their targets by using their decision-making skills and problem-solving skills. When the teachers think that the students have become well versed in attaining a specific goal then gradually the intensity of the targets are increased. This practice inculcates the problem-solving skills to achieve any objective given to them.
  • Sticking to the curriculum as well
    Personalized teaching does not mean that the students will be taught any abstract and exciting topic. Instead, here the course curriculum adheres with the syllabus which is prescribed by the board of education under which that school or institute follows. In this technique, the concepts of the curriculum are taught to the students by making them interesting and engaging.
  • The personalized learning sessions are participative
    This technique of teaching differs for the regular classroom teaching in a way that here the teachers give more emphasis on the participation by the students, and therefore they encourage the students to speak up in class whether for giving the answers of the questions asked by the tecahers or to ask questions from them. This also helps the students to build confidence.

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