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The Benefits of Personalized Learning for The Students

The education system has changed a lot in last few decades, and this has happened due to the rapid advancements in technological techniques. The academic institutes around the world have changed their way of imparting education to their students. Therefore digitized and personalized learning system is the need of the hour for the Indian schools as well. The personalized learning and teaching system are highly beneficial for the students because of many reasons which will be discussed in this article.

The personalized learning approach is gaining popularity in today's’ time. This learning technique focuses on the individual learning needs of every student by giving them a progressive environment to study. The teachers customize the teaching style according to the preferences and learning style of the students. Here the teacher also takes care of the interest area of different students and tailor-made their teaching technique according to that. All the variables such as the content, the presentation of the content and material, the formulation of learning objective etc. which are highly necessary for the teaching and learning dynamics can vary here in this approach. This approach works best when the classroom teaching is combined with the digital tools of education which are popularly known as blended learning.

Major advantages of personalized learning

There is many benefits the personalized learning system brings with itself, and they are discussed as below:

  • It increases the student's engagement
    The students can participate in the class in a better way when the teachers give them attention. They also remain in class attentively and grasp the concepts correctly. Now the passive classroom teaching his transforming to personalized learning where the students not only learn in the class but they can also study the content on the electronic devices. The digitization has given a significant boost to the personalized learning as students can explore the interactive images, infographics, and videos etc. With the help of technological learning tools, the students can seek out the resources which can help them immensely in gaining knowledge about new idea s and things. The students do not have to rely solely on the material which is provided by the teachers in school. They have infinite options from where they can learn
  • Teachers can allocate more time to each student
    When the teachers have the opportunity to teach the digital techniques, then they can save a lot of time. There are many activities which cut out with the online learning tools, for example, the teachers need not write the notes, taking their printouts and then circulating them among the students. They can easily upload the content on the shared mediums which are accessible by everyone in that group. The teachers, therefore, can devote their time to solve the problems of students by [personally addressing them.
  • Students learn according to their learning style
    When the students can retrieve the information according to their convenience of learning, then they get the chance to learn the topics as they like it. They can study whenever they want and learn according to their learning style.
  • No embarrassment for taking time in learning
    With the blended learning where the personal attention to every student is a must, they get the opportunity to study at their own pace because they know that no one is judging them if they take a little more time for the grasping the concepts.

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