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9 Ways to Handle Study Pressure

Managing study related stress for the students is not a cakewalk. Being a student, you think of achieving everything. But the true picture gets unfolded when it’s the time to manage all the things and make the future plans. Sorting all the things according to the priority is not easy at the initial stages of the work. The students who have an insight of getting the things done have to have an old head on the young shoulders. That is rather than relaxing in the holidays, think about having an internship and add it into your resume to shine it up and make it stand out of the crowd.

I know it is easy said than done. Being too much involved in doing the work leads to stress, anxiety and burnout. If you too sail in the same boat, give a read to this article, and overcome them. Let us get started.

1. Say No to Homesickness- Memories and the good time spent with the parents and the family is one of the cause why you would not be able to concentrate on studies. So, it is better to prevent such actions in your life. It can be done by making your mind and take it up as a challenge. You are away from your family to achieve something in your life and to be successful. Remember this and keep on doing your hard work.
2. Participate in Events- Engage yourself in sports activities and see the magic happening in your life. It is the best and the easiest way to burst the stress and especially when it is related to studies. Your mind gets high-blood circulation when your body moves and work out vigorously. Make sure you make it a routine and never skip it. It would be more effective in this way only. Jumping the rope is the instant stress-reliever. Rope like a fiend and get what you have been hunting for, relief from tensions and worries.
3. Write It Down- Help yourself getting out the things which are irritating you and making your life difficult. Find ten minutes from your stressed and busy schedule and pen down what is bothering you.
4. Ask Your Roommate for an Outing- Learn to adjust, in fact, enjoy having roommates. Having an irritating roommate is stress, and yes it can lead you to another level. But you need to conquer this as well. Start by spending quality time with him/her.
5. Change Is Constant- Learn that managing the level and the quality of the scores is not easy. Having a shift from one grade to another is okay. Train your mind to do the best the next time rather than crying on the spilt milk. Spare time in understanding the basics of the concept rather than rote learning the terminologies.
6. Organize The Tasks- empower yourself by inculcating rigid decision making power. It would help you in many ways in the long run.
7. Say No to Procrastination- It is an aspect if practiced can multiply the level of the study related stress. Rather than getting busy with the friends on the social networking sites, learn a new skill. Yeah, I know that keeping the phone aside has become hard, but you can do this.
8. Don’t Try Too Hard to Get It- Rather than looking outside for a piece of appreciation, embrace yourself for everything you do. Be self-obsessed and mark my words- nothing is wrong with it. Just keep on loving yourself.
9. Laugh and Smile More Often- Use your smile as stress-reliever. Being in a tensed-situation uses more muscles in a compressed way as compared to smiling. Increase your blood flow by laughing. If you are finding it difficult to laugh at some point in time, call your best friend. Don’t take life too seriously.

Follow these nine tips and get higher from stress, anxiety and achieve success.

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