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5 Tips to Teach Empathy to The Students

Empathy is the power that helps us understand the perspectives of the others. It is quite essential to teach the students the sense of empathy so that they can be a good and humble person. Empathy is the base that connects the people with a sense of understanding between each other. It helps the people to know the emotions of each other, understanding the perspectives of each other and maintaining healthy relationship among one another.

Empathy is considered as a skill that is important for the students to learn and it can also be developed easily in a human being. It is the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to make their students or children to learn the skills of empathy along with their curriculum and other concepts of life.

Here are certain teaching strategies that can help the teachers to make the students learn empathy.

Emotional understanding leads to emotional intelligence

Teaching empathy also helps the students in developing the intellectual skills in them. To maintain a healthy relationship and to achieve a successful academic career, it is important to have empathetic skills so that you can manage your emotions. Children must learn to understand the perspectives of others; it would help them to develop, control and motivate themselves efficiently. The intelligence also requires learning the emotions so that the children can have a complete understanding of every type of situation. It would help them lead a healthy life.

In some universities or schools, there are also special lectures on the emotional intelligence for the intellectual development, and it is as a curriculum over there. It helps in enhancing the over-all well-being of the children. The students are taught to become a better person leading to healthy outcomes and healthy lifestyles. It helps in reducing the negative factors in them such as anger, depression etc. These types of learning also help in improving the attitude of the children towards the schools, and they feel motivated to attend the classes.

Teaching strategies for making them learn

• Set an example

You must keep one thing in mind that the students observe you and they will follow you also. The activities you perform in front of them will have an impact on their mind. So you have to set an example for them to them in the best way. You have to be a reliable example of the empathy by expressing an attitude of compassion, care and understanding.

• Let it be in the air

You have to create that atmosphere so that you can make them learn and observe the act of empathy all around them. If there is healthy and trustworthy environment established, then they will more actively learn the things as it is the only thing they are surrounded with.

• Make them hear the stories

The stories are the only thing that has a close impact on the minds of the students. If you tell them the stories related to empathy, they will feel it, and it will make them a better human being. It will help to develop our ability for understanding the experiences of others.

• Assigning group tasks

Making them work together also help them to understand each other in a better way. Working in a group is an experience which will make them learn new things, and they will get involved emotionally with their fellow beings. Thus, they can learn in a better way the feeling of empathy.

• Identifications of values shared

There are discussions, and certain activities in the class that help them to increase the involvement of others and the students get to know each other and decide whether they are same or different from each other.

In this way, the students will learn the subjective tasks as well as the feeling of empathy which is equally important for them.

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